b'13 www.deltafire.co.uk ATTACK 500 PRO ATTACK 750 PRO ATTACK 750 HR PRO NEWLow Pressure Mainline Nozzle Low Pressure Mainline Nozzle Low Pressure High Rise NozzleThe Attack 750 Pro is a high-flowThe Attack 750 Pro HR has been 7 BAR NFPA MODEL - LOW PRESSURE mainline nozzle designed for firefightingspecifically developed for fighting high Inlet: 1BSP Female* scenarios demanding high volumes ofrise fires and has been designed in water for rapid fire suppression. conjunction with Greater Manchester Flow Type: Select Flow Fire & Rescue Service. This specialist High Flow Settings: 115-230-360-475 LPM NFPA7BAR - LOW PRESSURE Rise Nozzle is arguably one of Deltas best (30-60-95-125 GPM) examples of technological enhancements Product Code: N22S70402 Inlet: 2 BSP Male* in recent years.7 BAR NFPA MODEL - LOW PRESSURE Flow Type: Select Flow One of the main issues facing firefighters Flow Settings: 360-475-550-750 LPM on upper floors of high rise buildings is Inlet: 1BSP Female*(95-125-145-198 GPM) diminishing inlet pressures, which canATTACK Flow Type: Select Flow Product Code: N23S70203 seriously affect the nozzle performance at750 HR PRONEWFlow Settings: 125-250-375-500 LPM NFPA 7 BAR - LOW PRESSURE a critical time. (33-66-99-132 GPM) The Attack 750 HR is a dual flow nozzle Product Code: N22S70202 Inlet: 2Instantaneous Male*designed to provide 470 l/pm at just 2ATTACK 1000 PRONEWFlow Type: Select Flow bar pressure, ensuring that front-lineHigh Flow Mainline Nozzle7 BAR NFPA MODEL - LOW PRESSURE Flow Settings: 360-475-550-750 LPM firefighters have adequate water on upper (95-125-145-198 GPM) floors when needed. The Attack 1000 Pro is an ultra-high-flow Inlet: 1BSP Female*nozzle designed for either hand-held (dual Flow Type: Constant Flow Product Code: N23S70204 operative) or portable/fixed fire monitor Flow Setting: 375 LPM (99 GPM)7 BAR NFPA - HIGH RISE NOZZLE applications providing large volumes of 475 LPM (125 GPM) Inlet: 2 BSP Male*water combining powerful long range jet Product Code: N22C70404 / N22C70502 /Flow Type: Specialist Dual Flow function and dual spray pattern options.N22C70602Flow Settings: 470 lpm (124 GPM) @ 2bar /270 lpm (71 GPM) @ 7 bar7 BAR NFPALOW PRESSUREProduct Code: N23S70003 Inlet: 2 BSP Male* NFPA 7 BAR - HIGH RISE NOZZLE Flow Type: Select FlowFlow Settings: 550 -660 -750 -950 lpmInlet: 2Instantaneous Male* (145- 174- 198- 250 gpm) Flow Type: Specialist Dual Flow Product Code: N24S70103Flow Settings: 470 lpm (124 GPM)@ 2bar /270 lpm (71 GPM)@ 7 bar NFPA 7 BARLOW PRESSUREProduct Code: N23S70704 Inlet: 2Instantaneous Male*ATTACKFlow Type: Select FlowATTACKFlow Settings: 550 -660 -750 -950 lpm500 PRO 750 PRO (145- 174- 198- 250 gpm)Product Code: N24S70104* Alternative inlets available'