b'7 www.deltafire.co.uk INDUSTRY- LEADING INNOVATIONS The Floor Below Nozzle and Attack 750 HR Pro Nozzle It is widely recognised that one of thethe Floor Below Nozzle from the roomOne of the main issues facing firefighters greatest dangers facing fire crews whenbelow the temperature was reduced to 90Con upper floors of high rise buildings is dealing with High Rise fires is the effectin just 20 seconds without a single fire fighterdiminishing inlet pressures, which can of wind. Once the windows have gone,entering the test room.seriously affect the nozzle performance at a the wind will enhance the fire and rapidlycritical time. The Attack 750 HR Pro is a dual increase the temperature, making it virtuallySupplied as standard with 2 Instantaneousflow nozzle designed to provide 470 lpm at impossible to enter the room from anMale or BSP threaded inlet fitting, the Floorjust 2 bar pressure, ensuring that front-adjacent corridor or landing.Below Nozzle is fully sectional for ease ofline firefighters have adequate water transportation and independently controlledon upper floors when needed. Working in collaboration with the UKsvia a lever-operated ball valve.West Midlands Fire and Rescue Service, the innovative new Floor Below NozzleThe Floor Below Nozzle is complemented by was developed. The Floor BelowDelta Fires Attack 750 HR Pro nozzle, which Nozzle is specifically designed to behas been specifically developed for fighting long enough to protrude out of ahigh rise fires, designed in conjunction with lower window, where the long,Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service. angled barrel is raked upwards, firing a solid jet of water through the upper window,DELTA FIREShitting the ceiling andFLOOR BELOW rapidly gas cooling prior toNOZZLEfire crew entry. The Floor Below Nozzle (above, left) is specifically designed to be long enough to Extensive trials were carriedATTACK 750 HR PRO protrude out of a lower window, where the out at West Midlands FRSsDelta Fires Attack 750angled barrel is raked upwards, firing a solid training facility at Oldbury,HR Pro nozzle has beenjet of water through the upper window, where a first floor room was taken tospecifically developed forhitting the ceiling and rapidly gas cooling 600C in a controlled fire situation. Usingfighting high rise fires. prior to fire crew entry.'