World Class Fire Fighting Equipment Manufacturer

Delta Fire are a key supplier to Municipal & Industrial Fire Services, Defence Sectors, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical Sites, On-Shore & Off-Shore Marine, Aviation, Major Industrials, Utilities, Waste Recycling & Bio-Mass Plants, Nuclear, Mining, Construction and Demolition Sectors. 

We are delighted to announce our relocation to brand-new, custom-built facilities in support of our ongoing expansion plans and commitments in achieving a carbon-neutral environmental footprint within our future business activities.   

With the primary aim of becoming one of the most environmentally responsible suppliers within the global fire sector our new multi-million-pound facility has been designed to a strict environmental brief and we firmly believe we will be able to claim that our new HQ will become operationally carbon neutral by the end of 2030.

The north & south facing roofs of our new facility are fitted with no less than 648 solar panels that will provide 230kw of green energy. Our heating and air conditioning is provided via air-sourced heat pumps that provide a typical efficiency ratio of 3:1 allowing us to generate over 300kw of heat energy. During the colder winter months any additional electricity required will be sourced from 100% renewable suppliers.

This new investment includes additional state-of-the-art CNC machining centres serviced by robots to maximize efficiencies.

We believe we will be the only manufacturer in the sector who can claim that their manufacturing processes will be run by solar-powered robots and CNC machines. Our new facility is also fully insulated to the very latest and highest possible standards ensuring that the green energy we produce is used as efficiently as possible.

Dynamic and client orientated, we are able to react quickly and professionally to clients' needs and requirements.

Many years of design and development by our industry experts has resulted in a range of firefighting equipment at the forefront of the global fire industry - used, trusted and recommended by professional fire fighters around the world.

Delta Fire have been responsible for many innovations in firefighting products over the years, but we are probably best known for our market leading range of Fire Nozzles which are now in service with more than 75% of UK Fire and Rescue Services and multiple users worldwide.


We have been trading since the 1980’s and since then we have grown steadily. We have expanded from the UK to Europe and now Worldwide. With the technology and design behind our products we have successfully broken into a wide range of markets currently servicing more than 70 countries with our products. We have developed and manufactured a wide spectrum of equipment over the years which has helped keep Delta Fire at the forefront of worldwide firefighting. 


We are an ISO9001:2015 accredited Company. All products and manufacturing are tested and inspected to ensure the highest possible standards, consistent quality and the very best performance. Many of our products are Lloyds Registered and M.E.D. approved for marine use.

 Anti-Slavery Policy

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