PPV Smoke Removal Fans

Delta Fire are pleased to offer the globally renowned range of RamFan PPV Exhauster/Blower Fans designed for multiple applications across a broad range of Industry sectors.

With specialist fans for Fire & Rescue Services, Military Sectors, Marine Industries and Industrial and Hazardous Workplaces, the RamFan range offers fast, efficient removal of smoke, noxious gasses, flammable vapours and dust, all substances capable of severe danger to life if not dealt with effectively.   

Within the range are the new breed of battery fans, now in use with an increasing number of Fire & Rescue Services and some of the world's biggest Naval Fleets. Also available are Petrol driven, Electric and Water driven models to suit every application. 


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New EX50Li Battery RamFan

High Performance / Interchangeable Batteries / Unlimited Runtimes / IP66 Protected

The remarkable new RamFan EX50Li is powered by 2 x high energy Lithium batteries delivering incredible performance and long run times.

Download EX50Li Data Sheet
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