Delta Fire provides numerous solutions to the Utilities Sectors including the supply of potable drinking water hose to municipal water companies, fire protection solutions to the wind farm industry and hydrant flow metering solutions for a wide range of utility applications.

Much like any industry the Utility sector presents numerous potential fire risks which require adequate protection and Delta's range encompasses all aspects of risk protection related to this sector. From entry level, cost-effective jet/spray fire nozzles and general purpose fire hoses to fully integrated foam fire suppression systems Delta provides a single-source solution.

The safe transference of potable drinking water in the event of a failure in the water main is a requirement of any municipal water company and Delta's range of specialist Layflat hoses includes WRAS and Reg 31 Approved models ideally suited to the provision of a temporary supply solution.

Delta's range of professional TSI electro-magnetic flow meters provides accurate flow and pressure monitoring enabling utility sectors to assess essential water usage data in their respective activities.

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