Waste Recycling

Delta Fire are specialists in the provision of fire protection solutions to the waste and recycling sectors providing a range of products designed to effectively tackle fire and flammable liquid spills.

The wide range of risks presented within this sector require differing approaches to ensure that any eventuality is controlled as quickly and efficiently as possible. The very nature of the materials handled and processed at a waste recycling plant make fire a serious and very real risk which has the potential to cause significant structural and environmental damage if left unchecked.

Commonly, it is the rapidly increasing temperatures within a pile of waste that ultimately ignite leading to a major fire event.  Delta's Robotic Monitor technology provides the ability to sense rising temperatures before ignition remotely activating high-powered, self-directing monitors that target the heat source and extinguish without the need for human intervention.  

A wide range of low-cost equipment perfectly suited to the industry is also available including Delta's one-man deployable DF130 mobile foam units, the Prima foam units, the unique 3D Nozzle Ball Extinguisher and Delta's ever-popular Fog Spike System.