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Coming Soon............the Attack 750 HR Pro

| Delta Fire

The original concept of Delta's new Attack 750 HR Pro nozzle was as a result of close collaboration with Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service who were looking for a dedicated nozzle designed for fighting fires in tall buildings.

The common problem encountered by fire-fighters when dealing with high rise fires is with the diminishing inlet pressures available on upper floor levels, a potentially very dangerous scenario that can adversely effect nozzle performance at a critical time.

The Attack 750 HR Pro is a dual flow nozzle designed to provide 470 lpm at just 2½ bar inlet pressure, ensuring that front-line fire fighters have adequate water on upper floors when needed. A short rotation of the dial collar provides a secondary flow option of 230 lpm increasing the inlet pressure to ensure high performance in narrow angle spray gas cooling mode.

Due for release in the near future the Attack 750 HR Pro is set to become a staple in high-rise hose deployment packs in the future. 

For more information or to pre-book a demonstration please contact sales@deltafire.co.uk