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Delta Fog Spike - The Professionals Choice

| Delta Fire

This simple, yet clinically efficient product has continued to find favour amongst UK & Overseas Fire Services with an increasing number of devotees putting them to good use in a variety of operational situations.  The Fog Spike range covers a massive spectrum of applications at an extremely low cost when compared to competing products.  Designed to provide a simple, effective solution for rapid pre-entry temperature reduction in compartment fires the Fog Spikes massively minimise risk to first responding personnel.

This innovative product allows for easy access to previously difficult to reach areas such as roof spaces, attics, floor spaces, partition walling and a whole host of other applications including car fires, stack fires, peat fires or for the effective creation of demarcation lines.

A unique double-sided Fog Hammer is supplied with each set which allows the operative to easily punch a hole in the structure (door, wall, roof, car bonnet etc).  The hole created is specifically sized to accommodate the Fog Spike which is then driven in with the reverse side of the Fog Hammer.   Without the need for operative access the water is directed at the hottest part of the fire in the form of a finely dispersed mist, the subsequent result is that almost all the water evaporates leading to faster and more efficient heat reduction which when combined with a low level of water consumption means that water damage is significantly minimised.  The Fog Spikes only consume 70 litres per minute @ 6 bar. 

Supplied in two formats – the Attack and Restrictor Spikes are both manufactured in high grade stainless steel and weigh in at just 1.1kg combing excellent durability with ease of manoeuvrability. Various package combinations are available and tailored to suit each individual Service’s requirements for either mainline or high pressure hose reel compatibility.

A 1.5 metre XL Fog Spike is included in the range which allows for deep penetration into stack fires and enables crews to access difficult to reach places such as under car chassis or into skip fires.

Delta Fire strives to remain at the forefront of innovation and are fully committed to an on-going regime of product development with a clear and constant focus on improving firefighter safety.  The Fog Spikes are wholly aligned to this ethos and play an integral role in the Health and Safety aspect of modern-day firefighting ensuring that no compromise is made to performance but equally eliminating the need for firefighter entry into high-temperature compartment fires.