Do you know your flow and pressure........

| Delta Fire

Designed to assist Fire and Water Services with accurate flow and pressure measurements, the Flowmaster range of hydrant flow and pressure meters provides highly accurate and reliable evaluation of hydrant and water main condition. 

Using electro-magnetic technology the Flowmaster 250 is used to determine which hydrants are functioning properly, the available flow, water main capacity and the detection of any leaks in the water main.

The portable range includes the Flowmaster 250, the Flowmaster 250 DL and the smaller Flow Pod 3000.  The Flowmaster 250 DL provides data logging capabilities allowing information download to a laptop for graph creation and reporting.

The fixed 'appliance' meters provide valuable safety advantages to front-line fire fighters allowing pump operators to ensure adequate flow and pressure is being delivered to branch operators.

An strong awareness of water flow and pressure is invaluable to both the fire and water industry and we consider our range of TSI Flowmeters to be 'best in class' products.

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