Hose Pack 2

New Hose Deployment Packs

| Delta Fire

Delta’s new Hose Deployment Packs provide significant firefighter safety advances across a multitude of Industry applications, particularly in High-Rise fire scenarios. 

Hose Pack 1This unique two-part system comprises the ‘Lay Pack’& ‘Attack Pack’ designed to perform quick, easy, safe deployment of fire hoses in the Cleveland Hose Load.  The Lay Pack stores an attack line with pre-connected adaptors and breeching ready for quick connection to the Attack Pack.  The Attack Pack then self-feeds hose from the pack in a controlled manner as the front-line firefighter advances towards the fire (e.g. - up the stairwell) eradicating loose hoses strewn across the access path resulting in potential trip hazards and tangled hoses. The Attack Pack also stores a door wedge and pre-connected Fire Nozzle (sold separately) enabling the firefighter to engage the fire immediately saving valuable seconds.

Delta’s Hose Deployment Packs are ideally suited for use in conjunction with Delta Nova Ultraflex Type 3 hose thanks to its ‘all nylon’ flexibility and ability to remain kink-free at low pressures ensuring water flow is maintained at all times.  Delta Hose Deployment Packs can be supplied empty or pre-loaded with equipment ready for use.