RamFan Ex50Li Stowage

New RamFan EX50Li Now in Stock

| Delta Fire

Since its launch last year Delta's RamFan EX50Li Battery PPV Smoke Removal Fan has caused a big stir amongst Fire & Rescue Services around the Globe.  These incredibly powerful, compact fans are capable of fast, efficient smoke removal boasting impressive AMCA certified airflows and reliable performance in emergency situations. 

Delta are pleased to advise we are now holding stock of the EX50Li's available in a promotional pack including the fan, two batteries and a shoulder strap - available off-the-shelf while stocks last.

Powered by high energy 40V lithium batteries delivering up to in excess of 45 minutes run time the EX50Li has no requirement for fuel or hard-wired electrics making it easy to stow, transport and deploy.

Run-times are unlimited on the EX50Li as the batteries are designed to be easily removed and replaced during use. The EX50Li will run on either one or two batteries depending on the requirements. The batteries can be charged in situ via a mains lead that also allows the fan to be operated whilst plugged in.  A separate 'On-Appliance' charger is also available.

With variable speed control, 'traffic light' battery status indicator and compact design ideal for vehicle locker storage the EX50Li has become a popular choice with professional fire fighters around the world including an increasing number of Fire and Rescue Services and  Naval Fleets.

High Powered LED scene lights are neatly fitted to the shroud providing essential illumination in low light and smoke impaired conditions.