Hose Binding

Key Features

  • Easy Replacement of Loose Bindings
  • For Hoses from 25mm to 100mm
  • Complete Hose Binding Kits
  • Machine Available Separately
  • Wire Available Separately
  • Tape Available Separately

Key Users

  • Major Industrials
  • Marine & Off-Shore Sectors
  • Petrochemicals
  • Oil & Gas
  • Water Companies
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Delta’s Fire Hose Binding Machines are compatible for use in binding fire hoses between 25mm to 110mm to new hose couplings.

There are several reasons why it may become necessary to re-bind a hose such as when an existing binding becomes loose, a couplings has torn apart as a result of the water pressure or the hose itself has become damaged either at or in the direct vicinity of the binding. Delta’s Fire Hose Binding Machine grips the coupling (optional size: 110mm, 75mm, 52mm, 25mm) and the hose and keeps the components in position during the binding process. The hand crank makes it possible to adapt the clamping arrangement optimally to suit the coupling size to be fitted. The machine is fitted with a dedicated holder to accept the binding wire, traditionally 1.6mm (16 SWG) galvanised wire but stainless steel wire can be used if required to suit marine applications. The clamping assembly can then be fixed in any standard workshop vice with a minimum jaw width of 75mm ready for use.

The machine consists of a cast frame which doubles as both an operating handle and the wire holder and has an adjustable strip brake. A hand crank is supplied for winding on the binding wire. Delta Fire supply the galvanised wire in coils of 160 metres and the Hose Binding Tape which is supplied in a 50 metre roll (25mm diameter).

For those not wishing to fit their own couplings, Delta Fire offer a complete in-house hose binding service and can supply hoses from stock with couplings ready for use. Delta’s stocks of both British and International fire fittings are probably unrivaled in the trade and cover the vast majority of popular fittings from around the world.