Floor Below Nozzle

Key Features

  • Manufactured in the UK
  • ISO9001 Quality Controlled
  • Designed for High Rise Fire Fighting
  • Combats Wind-Driven Fires
  • Enhanced Fire Fighter Safety
  • Light Alloy Construction 
  • Supplied with 2 1/2" Instantaneous Male or BSP Inlet

Key Users

  • Municipal Fire Services
  • Industrial Fire Services
  • Defence Fire Services
Floor Below 10

It is widely recognised that one of the greatest dangers facing fire crews when dealing with High Rise fires is the effect of wind. Once the windows have gone, the wind will enhance the fire and rapidly increase the temperature making it virtually impossible to enter the room from an adjacent corridor or landing.

Extensive trials were carried out at West Midlands FRS training facility at Oldbury where a first floor room was taken to 600 degrees in a controlled fire situation.  Using the Floor Below Nozzle, from the room below, the temperature was reduced to 90 degrees in just 20 seconds without a single fire fighter entering the test room. 

The Floor Below Nozzle is specifically designed to be long enough to potrude out of a lower window where the long, angled barrel is raked upwards, firing a solid jet of water through the upper window, hitting the ceiling and rapidly gas cooling prior to fire crew entry.  This is a major step forward in High Rise fire fighter safety and significantly reduces the risks associated with rising room temperatures.  

Supplied a standard with 2½” Instantaneous Male or BSP threaded inlet fitting the Floor Below is fully sectional for ease of transportaion and independently controlled via a lever-operated ball valve.