Mobile Foam Unit

The Delta DF130 Mobile Foam Unit is a one-man deployable, highly mobile, high capacity foam station designed principally for the protection of oil storage and loading terminals, solvent stores, boiler rooms, engine compartments and many other high risk areas. 

Ergonomically designed and manufactured to exacting standards the DF130 simply requires connection to any suitable pressurized water supply and is capable of run times in excess of 20 minutes producing an output of over 34,000 litres of finished low expansion foam.  Suitable for use with all foam types the DF130 is fitted with a Delta Z-Series foam inductor for accurate proportioning between 1% and 6%.  Foam discharge is via a Delta HV-Series foam branchpipe designed to first expand the foam and then accelerate it to high velocity, producing long throws beyond the capability of many older designs. Connecting hoses are neatly stowed and deployed from the DF130 with ease. The special Delta Nova Ultraflex hose used on the DF130 is designed to minimise kinking at low pressures enabling enhanced maneuverability in confined spaces.

The DF130 is available in either International Orange or Hi-Viz Yellow and can be supplied in a fully Marinised version with 316 stainless steel Delta S-Series branchpipe and Gunmetal Z-Series Inductor on request.

The DF130 is available with any International hose adaptors for compatibility to existing equipment.

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