Variable In-Line Foam Inductors

Delta's Variable Inline Foam Inductors provide a simple, cost effective means of introducing foam concentrates into the water stream.

Manufactured by Delta in the UK all models are calibrated to pick up between 1% and 6% and are constructed from corrosion resistant materials. A fully marinised model is also available for continuous use with sea water in harsh, saline-rich environments.

Designed to match Delta low and medium expansion foam branchpipes (or equivalent types) the Delta Foam Inductors are Lloyds certified and M.S.A. (D.O.T.) approved for marine use. 

Standard models are available in a choice of either Hi-Viz Yellow or International Orange and can be supplied fitted with any type of International adaptors. All models are supplied with a quick-release foam pick-up tube.

Delta also offer a range of Fixed Inline Foam Inductors with the percentage foam pick-up pre-set and locked to suit individual customer requirements.  See the range under our Fixed Foam Equipment pages.


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