RamFan WF20 PPV Fan

Key Features

  • As used by Naval Fleets
  • Water Driven
  • High Performance
  • Corrosion Resistant Material
  • Optional Ducting
  • Optional Mister Attachment
  • Durable & Reliable

Key Users

  • Military & Marine  
  • Naval Fleets
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The WF20 is widely used by International Naval Fleets around the world providing high performance AMCA Certified airflows in the rapid removal of smoke in emergency situations. 

Warships require powerful suction to remove smoke from internal spaces deep within the ship and traditionally the WF20 is fitted with multiple interconnectable lengths of ducting to access hard to reach compartments quickly and efficiently entraining smoke out of the ship into the open air.

The WF20 uses the water pressure of a fire hose and patented turbine coupled to a highly efficient fan blade to generate high-velocity, high-pressure airflow. Manufactured in corrosion resistant materials the WF20 requires infrequent and simple maintenance.