Appliance Flow Meters

Key Features

  • Electro-Magnetic Technology
  • Accurate Flow & Pressure Readings
  • For High & Low Pressure Pumps
  • For Incoming Flow Measuring
  • Guaranteed Branch Flow Rates
  • Total Pump-Operator Control
  • Enhanced Fire Fighter Safety

Key Users

  • Fire & Rescue Services
  • Water Companies
  • Major Industrials
  • Oil & Gas Sectors
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Delta Fire offers fixed Appliance Flow Meters for professional Fire & Rescue Service vehicles for the accurate measuring of flow and pressure on high and low pressure pump outlets and incoming flows.

The electro-magnetic technologies used in the TSI Flowmeters provides enhanced accuracy and quick, reliable information to the pump operator, often critical to know in emergency situations.

Delta Technicians are on hand to advise on specific FRS requirements and available for site visits on request.