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High Capacity Foam Stations for Major Risks

| Delta Fire

Delta's DF130 Mobile Foam Unit is designed for rapid first response to major fire risk scenarios.

One-person deployable, the DF130 is ideally suited to the protection of oil storage and loading terminals, paint and solvent stores, boiler and engine rooms and any other high risk areas.  Ergonomically designed the unit simply requires connection to a pressurised water supply to provide incredible foam making performance producing up to a massive 34,000 litres of finished low expansion foam over a 20 minute run time.

A 15m x 45mm length of high quality Delta Ultraflex Type 3 fire hose allows connection to a fire hydrant and a further 15m length allows the operative to manoeuvre around the fire for maximum foam coverage.

Fitted with a Delta HV Series Foam Branchpipe to maximise throw and coupled with a matching flow Delta Z-Series Variable Foam Inductor the DF130 is a highly compact, fully portable high performance system suited to multiple industry sectors and applications.

Also available with fully marinised specification for use on off-shore platforms and multiple marine applications.

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