DF3000 Trailer Monitors

Key Features

  • Rapid Deployment
  • Flows up to 3000 LPM (795 GPM)
  • Long Reach Capabilities
  • Improved Quick Acting Break Release System
  • Dual Function Stabilising Outrigger/Tilt & Steer Facility
  • Corrosion Resistant Construction
  • 3" Waterway
  • Full 360 degree Rotation
  • Adjustable Horizontal & Vertical Elevation
  • Stainless Steel Chassis Versions
  • UC2600 Ultra-Compact Monitor Options
  • Optional Hose Racks
  • 3" or 4" ANSI Flange Options

Key Users

  • Airport Fire Services
  • Major Industrials
  • Fuel Storage Sites
  • Oil & Gas Installations
  • Petrochemicals
  • Waste Recycling
  • Chemical Facilities
DF3000 with Breaks

The Delta DF3000 Wheeled Monitor incorporates all the advantages of a low-friction single waterway fire monitor with the added benefit of one-man wheeled manoeuvrability.

The full 3” waterway provides flows of up to 3000 LPM (795 GPM) for maximised performance and incorporates the Delta DNB2600 jet/spray monitor nozzle. With full 360° rotation capabilities and adjustable elevation of 90° above and 60° below the horizontal, the DF3000 is manufactured in corrosion resistant materials and ideally suited for use on Petrochemical Refineries, Airports and any other high risk applications. Vertical and Horizontal quick-action locks allow the operator to fix the monitor swiftly to any position allowing unmanned operation.

The DF3000 is available in a number of formats including stainless steel chassis versions for extreme environment use and models fitted with Delta’s new UC2600 Ultra-Compact Monitor. 

The new and improved quick acting break release system provides easy access to break controls and minimises wear on the wheel rims. The dual purpose handle serves as both a stabilising outrigger during use and also aids manoeuvrability via a tilt and steer function. 

Twin inlets fitted with any International adaptors allow for compatibility with existing hoselines.