Trailer Monitors

Delta offers two models of Trailer Monitors - the DF3000 and DF2000. 

The DF3000 is fitted with the Delta DF4500 Station Monitor providing a maximum flow rate of 3000 LPM (795 GPM) boasting a 360 degree operational rotation for maximum risk protection. This model is designed for manual manoeuvrability.  

The DF2000 provides up to a maximum 4000 LPM flow rate (1056 GPM) and incorporates an integral 2000 litre (528 USG) foam tank. This model is fitted with a tow hitch for vehicular movement.

Both models are incredibly versatile and ideal for a wide range of applications, particularly favoured by Airport Fire & Rescue Services and Oil & Gas Installations. 

DF3000 with Breaks2