3D Extinguisher Nozzle Ball

Key Features

  • Fast, Effective 3D Extinguishing
  • Use Upright or Suspended from ALP's or Roof Structures
  • Unmanned Operation
  • 45 x Interchangeable Nozzles
  • Jet, Spray or Fog Nozzle Options
  • Rapid Saturation & Penetration
  • All International Inlet Fittings Available

Key Users

  • Municipal Fire Services
  • Industrial Fire Services
  • Defence Fire Services
  • Waste Recycling Sectors
  • Forestry Services
  • Bulk Fuel Storage Sites
Nozzle Ball 2

The Delta 3D Extinguisher Nozzle Ball is a truly unique concept in fire suppression that has found favor with a multitude of industry sectors, particularly Fire Services, Waste Recycling Plants and Large Storage/Warehousing Facilities.

The Nozzle Ball can be used either upright or suspended upside down from Ariel Ladder Platforms (ALP’s) producing up to massive 35 metre 3D water screens, providing highly effective extinguishing and cooling from the 45 stainless steel nozzles.  All nozzles are interchangeable and simply unscrew to change between solid jet nozzles, spray nozzles, misting nozzles and ultra-dense fogging nozzles (available separately)

Ideal for use suspended above combustible waste piles in Recycling Plants the Nozzle Ball provides exceptional penetration and saturation of multiple substrates quickly attacking the seat of the fire.  The Nozzle Ball is also perfect for use with wetting agents for enhanced penetration.

Available with British Instantaneous or any International Adaptor on request.