High Rise Fire Products

Delta Fire are specialist manufacturers of front-line fire fighting equipment designed for use in High Rise fire scenarios.

High Rise fires present a unique set of challenges to first attending fire crews and significant risks to residents and fire fighters alike hence the need for specialist equipment designed to meet the fire crews specific requirements providing the very best in performance and reliability at all times.

Delta's range of dedicated high-rise equipment has grown over the years to included specialist nozzles, unique hose deployment packs, high pressure misting tools and PPV smoke removal fans.    

Delta Attack 750 Pro HR

This unique nozzle is designed to mitigate the variance of water pressures at different levels of the tall building. A common issue for fire fighters is diminishing nozzle performance due to falling water pressures on upper floor levels. The Attack 750 Pro HR is a dual-flow nozzle designed to provide 470 lpm @ 2.5 bar or 270 lpm @ 7.2 bar. The lower flow is ideal for gas cooling.      

Attack 500 Pro4



Delta Fog Spikes

Designed to rapidly reduce pre-entry compartment temperatures the Fog Spike is a high pressure water misting system that introduces finely dispersed water droplets into the compartment prior to fire fighter entry significantly reducing risk to first attending fire crews. Extensive trials with UK Fire & Rescue Services has seen rapid temperature drops in under a minute.

Delta Fog Spikes



Delta Hose Deployment Packs 

This twin- pack System consists of the Lay Pack and Attack Pack. The Lay Pack is fitted with pre-coiled lengths of Layflat hose allowing the fire fighter to advance towards the fire whilst the pack self-feeds in a controlled fashion removing the need for loose carried hoses, tangled hoses on stairwells and associated trip hazards. The Attack pack then connects to the Lay Pack and is pre-fitted with a nozzle ready to deploy on the risk. Once pressurised the Attack Pack opens and the fire fighter is free to advance into the compartment uninhibited.

Hose Packs web

RamFan PPV Smoke Removal Fans

RamFan PPV's are a world leader in smoke extraction technology providing essential benefits to visibility and noxious smoke/fume reduction in high risk situations where rapid building evacuations are critical to minimising casualties.   The RamFan range includes the incredible new EX50Li Battery Fan, now a firm favourite with Fire Services around the world.

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